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Pressure Gravity Filling Machines

These machines are accurate, easy to operate, easy to change over and will run gallons down to small containers. Our pressure gravity filling machines are available in automatic and semi-automatic designs. View our videos below and see how these fillers work.

Automatic Gravity Filling Machines

An Efficient Alternative to Positive Displacement

Neumann Packaging Services offers pressure/gravity filling machines that are a great inexpensive alternative to a positive displacement filling machine. These bottling machines will fill thick and thin products. They can be built as a gravity filler to fill only thin products and are available as semi-automatic, table top, or with fully automatic controls to run with a conveyor.

The pressure gravity filling machine is available for a fraction of the price of a positive displacement pump filling machine because a fill head pump is not needed for each head to fill bottles accurately. The machine can be set up to run with a gravity flow through the fill heads or using air pressure to fill thick products with individual fill head control.

Pressure gravity filling machine in operation

Eight Head Gravity Filling Machine

Some of Our Work

These are some recent projects.

Semi automatic overflow filling machine

Capable of Filling Small Flat Oval Bottles

Fill Heads Are Adjustable for Different Container Sizes

Gravity Filling of Small Containers


Gravity Filling of Medium Containers

Gravity Filling of Large Containers

Semi-Automatic Gravity Filling Machine

See how our 4 head semi-automatic gravity filler works.

Semi automatic overflow filling machine

This 4 head semi-automatic bench top filling machine includes:

  • 4 stainless steel fill heads with individual timer control
  • pressure system to assist filling thick products
  • stainless steel product tank
  • machine adjustable, float system to automatically keep the fill tank at a constant level
  • fill pump
  • slide track with rails to slide bottles into position into fill area
  • throttling valves to assist with product speed control
  • foot switch to assist with a hands free start of fill.

Upon completion the machine and all controls are tested with water before shipment.

This type of filling machine will fit on a table or a bench.

Semi automatic overflow filling machine

Semi automatic overflow filling machine

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