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In-Line Bottle Capping Machines

We offer American made semi-automatic and automatic capping and cap tightening machines.

Spindle or quill type capper and chuck capping machines.

Model NC500

The NC500 is a 2-station cap tightening machine that tightens caps after the caps have been hand placed on the bottles using belts to hold the bottles while rubber wheels tighten the caps.


The belts and spindle wheels are adjustable. The adjustable components allow a variety of bottle and cap sizes and shapes to be tightened with the machine increasing production speed and lowering labor costs.

The NC500 can be set up to tighten trigger sprayers and to retighten caps after they have run through an induction sealer.

Capping Machine Model NC500

Price Starts at $12,500 not including the conveyor.

Variable Speed Bottle Conveyor

The NC500 has to be run over a conveyor. Neumann Packaging Services standard 8’ long stainless steel shell, variable speed bottle conveyor is priced at $2,800

Variable speed bottle conveyor

This is a bottle conveyor for the In-line bottle capping macine

Model NC501

The NC501 is a 3-station automatic cap tightening machine including a sorting machine that includes a vibratory cap orientating feeder or a cap elevator orienting feeder that feeds caps to a cap chute to put the cap on the bottles before being tightened.

This machine sorts the caps, put the cap on the bottles then tightens them. The machine is adjustable so it can run a variety of bottle and cap combinations.

The automatic machine with the cap orientating feeder, chute, and cap tightening machine price starting at $29,500. A conveyor is needed to for the bottles to run through this machine. The Neumann Packaging standard bottle conveyor 8’long is priced at $2,800.

Chuck Capping Machines

Neumann Packaging offers semi-automatic industrial grade hand held and bench top chuck cap tightening machines that will tighten most caps and will tighten them to recommended torque specifications.

Starting Prices:

Model NC1: Electric cap tightening machine hand held. $875

Model NC2: Pneumatic cap tightening machine hand held. $590

Model NC3: Pneumatic cap tightening machine accurate torque hand held. $850

Model NC4: Bench top cap tightening machine. $1995

Model NC5: Pump cap and trigger sprayer cap tightening machine. $4890

Model NC1

Electric cap tightening machine hand held.

Price starting at $875

The NC1 is simple to operate and comfortable to use. It provides outstanding repeatable torque accuracy on screw and lug type caps from 10mm – 70mm in diameter. The torque output is easily adjusted by turning an external torque dial with your fingers.

Model NC2

Pneumatic cap tightening machine hand held.

Price starting at $590

Our least expensive bottle capper, tightens screw and lug caps from 24mm - 83mm in diameter. Far superior to other capping machines in its price class, the NC2 features an external torque dial that makes changing the torque fast.

Model NC3

Pneumatic cap tightening machine accurate torque hand held.

Price starting at $850

This hand held pneumatic cap tightening machine is capable of tightening caps from 10 mm to 130 mm with an accurate torque range from 0-200 inch pounds.

The NC3 bottle Capper utilizes a highly accurate clutch that will automatically shut off the capping motor the instant the correct amount of torque has been applied to the cap. This translates into unsurpassed torque accuracy and repeatability in a hand-held capping machine.

There are many hand-held capping machines you can purchase that use slip clutches and even some that have no clutch at all. Just as the name suggests, a slip clutch slips and vibrates when the cap reaches the output torque. Slip clutches are not as accurate as the clutch used in the PS Bottle Capper and, in many cases, they provide poor torque accuracy and repeatability.

Capping Machines that do not have a clutch simply stall when the cap becomes tight. While these machines can tighten a cap, they do so with little accuracy and repeatability.

Model NC4

Bench top cap tightening machine.

Price starting at $1995

Bench Top Capping Machines tighten screw and lug caps from 10mm to 130mm in diameter. They provide outstanding repeatable torque accuracy ensuring a high quality closure for every cap that they tighten.

Place a cap loosely onto the bottle and then place the bottle onto the base of the machine so it is resting against the backstop. The bottle is now well centered under the capping motor and ready to be capped.

The operator depresses the foot pedal. The foot pedal controls the air cylinder which supplies the up and down motion to the capping motor. Depressing the foot pedal actuates the air cylinder to lower the capping motor with attached chuck down onto the cap to be tightened.

When the chuck contacts the cap, the chuck is pushed up slightly into the capping motor which starts the capping motor. The capping motor tightens the cap in less than a second and then automatically shuts off; it is like a pulse.

When the capping motor shuts off, the operator removes his or her foot from the foot pedal allowing the capping motor with attached chuck to rise up off of the cap and back to its starting position. The perfectly capped bottle can now be removed from the base of the machine.

The SA Capping Machine runs solely on compressed air; it does not require electricity.

Model NC5

Pump cap and trigger sprayer cap tightening machine.

Price starting at $4890

The machines will tighten any type of screw-on cap, from a standard flat cap to a trigger spray cap or pump cap. It will tighten a wide range of caps, from 15mm - 130mm in diameter.

The four drive wheels create extraordinary grip on the cap. When it comes to capping, grip equals control. The Pump Cap provides outstanding repeatable torque accuracy that will allow you to tighten your caps with as little or as much torque as you desire with none of the constant tweaking and adjusting you have grown accustomed to when using other capping machines. The Pump Cap is also an outstanding de-capping machine.

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