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Bottle Turntables

We offer American made bottle turntables.

Bottle Accumulation Turntables

The bottle accumulation turntable can be used to accumulate empty or filled bottles.

Capping Machine Model NC500

Made in America!


30" Diameter turntable top price $2,900

42" Diameter turntable top price $3,200

48" Diameter turntable top price $3,500

59" Diameter turntable top price $4,200


Adjustable height
Robust design
Easy to change over
Flexible, can run a variety of round bottles
1/4 Horse power variable speed DC drive motor
Gearbox drive no chains or belts

Stainless Steel Features

Stainless steel top
Stainless steel frame
4 stainless steel covers to cover motor, gearbox and frame
Stainless steel and poly rail mounted with L-bracket

Capping Machine Model NC500

Capping Machine Model NC500

Capping Machine Model NC500

Capping Machine Model NC500

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